In an interconnected world overflowing with review sites and OTA’s, hotel renovation has become a necessity. Hotel renovation helps you to move with the times and upgrade your property, but can be complex to manage alongside hotel operations. You need to manage your guests, staff and business during the renovation period. A good hotel renovation contractor will make this process smooth. Below are some tips which will help you find a renovation contractor.

1. Planning

Spending time for drawing up a detailed plan is the first step in the hotel renovation process. You should have a clear idea about the part of your hotel which you want to renovate. Once you draw up a detailed plan, you can start your search for contractors conducting commercial renovations in Edmonton. An internet search can provide a list of Edmonton renovation contractors.

2. Shortlisting contractors

There are plenty of contractors conducting commercial renovations in Edmonton. Go through their past projects and photo gallery, inquire about their experience in the industry, and learn about their work methods. Talk to contractors who are open about timelines, material, and budget and see who gives you a good feel for what you want paired with the experience and skill they have. Contact us for a complete construction portfolio to see how we do our work at Bilt.

3. Interview

Conducting a personal interview is a good method for finding renovation contractors. While interviewing them, ask clear questions about their availability for your project. They should be able to understand your needs and respect your views regarding the outcome.

4. Estimation of risk

A good contractor should be able to recognize the possible risks and problems that could arise during hotel renovation. Your hotel renovation contractor should be able to prepare a detailed Risk Management Plan identifying prospective threats. A good Risk Management Plan greatly reduces the overshooting of budgets and disruption of plans.

5. Choice of subcontractors

A general contractor’s choice of suppliers and subcontractors affects the hotel renovation project vastly. General contractors should know about the subcontractor’s work history, quality, and work ethic. A general contractor must also know the subcontractor’s safety management history. Request information regarding your contractor’s plans to supervise subcontractors. Ask to see copies of licenses of all subcontractors who are part of the project.

6. Troubleshooting

A contractor will be mindful of avoiding complaints from guests during restaurant renovation, which can lead to negative reviews on the internet. They will draw up a proper plan to minimize disturbance and noise during hotel operations. They will postpone loud tasks to non-peak hours. Hotel renovation contractors will have a proper plan to keep the job site clean and safe.

7. Background check

You should check the contractor’s references and past work. Talk to the previous clients of the contractor about  job completion history. Inquire from the subcontractors about the contractor’s payment procedures. Go through internet appraisals about your shortlisted contractors. Check for a copy of your contractor’s license. Check for any dispute history.

8. Writing an agreement

Drawing up a detailed agreement is the final step before starting your hotel renovation project. Make sure that your contract makes a clear mention of the various stages of the project, its completion, due date etc. Include a penalty clause to avoid delays. There are contractors who are specialized in providing commercial renovations in Edmonton who promise to make hotel renovation a hassle-free process.

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