Working remotely has become the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom calls, anyone? Many employees prefer working from their homes where they have better flexibility and comfort, while some miss structure, water cooler talk, and team collaboration. Since it has become necessary to follow social distancing, maintaining at least a 6-foot distance from each other, offices today are in a bind to allow their employees to work from wherever they are. While remote working can help get your work done with no added office infrastructure and maintenance costs, it does come with considerable drawbacks. Coordination becomes difficult, causing delayed projects, and it may be hard to get all your employees to give their hundred percent when they are not monitored. Office renovation, we feel, is the best alternative.

Offices are special places. They are workplaces where people get together to solve problems and create solutions, developing strong bonds in the process. These places nurture young minds and innovative ideas, and at the same time, use experiences to grow. This is why many businesses want their employees to return to a formal workplace. Further, several organizations need their people to comply with data security, hence want them to come back to their desks. Office renovation can help create safe workstations and assure people of protection against the novel coronavirus.

Interested in giving your office a makeover? Here are some office trends that are just right for the present scenario:

Create safe layouts

Your employees will be happy to return to the office when you re-design your office layout. Physical distancing should be the priority, and keeping this in view, design your office to provide enough space for your staff. Configure desks and workstations to adapt open floor plans into safe environments. You can also install transparent glass or plastic screening panels to further the safety feature. Redesign your office tables to accommodate your staff while following the new protocols. You can get in touch with construction contractors if you want to build new office space or are looking to modify the existing one.

Create unique yet aesthetic designs

You need to make your office more welcoming. Your team and staff return to the office after months of working from their homes, and as Covid-19 continues to cause havoc, naturally, they will have doubts on their minds. If you need to instill confidence in your employees, renovate your office with modern features and ergonomics in mind. Minimize doors, surfaces and high-touch areas with sensor-activated doors, lights, and taps while incorporating distinctive designs apt for the circumstances.

Create green spaces

Creating green spaces should be on top of your mind when looking to re-design your office with new office trends. Greenery reduces stress and provides health benefits to your staff improving air quality and adding comfort. Growing indoor plants and green walls within your office space can promote productivity and focus. Additionally, plants inspire your people, keep the atmosphere cool and boost the aesthetics of the space. Simply put, your employees will be a lot happier with greenery around. They would be more than glad to return to the physical workplace.We  provide guidance and help you rethink your office spaces both strategically and functionally to keep your employees feeling secure and safe coming back to the office. Contact our experienced construction contractors and design team today to transform your workspace.