Demolition is the easiest and quickest phase of a construction process; and depending on why you are demolishing, there are certain things that you need to consider before starting the demolition process. 

Consider the Method of Demolition

There are various methods that you can apply to your process; these depend primarily on your end-goal, and the time-frame available to you. Here are the three most common demolition methods:

Mechanical Demolition Method

This method is the most common method of demolition that employs hydraulic excavators and other heavy machinery to carry out the task in a short time, while minimizing the scope for reuse and refurbishment of old material.

Deconstruction Method

This method is recognized by its manual process that requires considerable time, but the result is that you can reuse a lot of the materials salvaged from the old structure. This can also be considered as a branch of lean construction.

Combination of Mechanical Demolition Method and Deconstruction Method

This highly recommended method combines the two methods, ensuring a quick time span for completion as well as a proper scope for the reuse of old materials.

Hire a Professional for the Job

Demolition is an intricate process that requires you to follow specific laws and safety standards, and it also requires specialized equipment. For the same, we recommended that you hire a professional contractor for your demolition project in Edmonton.

Adhere to the Safety Laws and Obtain the Required Permits

For every demolition project, you are required to follow specific rules and regulations that depend on the type of demolition you are planning to do. You also need various permits like OSCAM and TCP. Make sure you have obtained these permits to avoid any hassle during the demolition.

Refer to this guideline for your demolition project in Edmonton.

Inform the Neighbourhood

We at Bilt, keep our demolition sites as clean as possible with limited interruption to neighbours. There are however, City Bylaws to follow to ensure everyone is aware of the demolition work.

Edmonton has particular bylaws that you need to follow regarding noise control, follow them to avoid any hassle with the law.

Maintain Utmost Safety Standards

Demolition, when safety standards are not met, can be a substantial risk. Safety must always be at the forefront of any demolition project. The SCC Code of Practice for Safety in Demolition of Structures outlines general requirements to meet safety standards. Fire is another primary concern when it comes to safety. The Fire Safety Plan set forth by the Municipal Affairs of Alberta also refers to important points to consider as well.

Lastly, other minor precautions to consider include taking care of the environment around the demolition site (trees, animals, etc.), disconnecting all the services (electricity, sewage, gas, etc.), and setting a contingency plan in case the cost goes beyond your expected budget. Contact us to know more about the bylaws, permits, methods and solutions for your demolition project in Edmonton.